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Secret Oud 50ml EDP by Caron

A glorious creation which introduces the legendary oudh oil into Caron's legendary palette of scents. A heavy, intense fragrance which revels in its own richness and eccentricity: noble, exotic and imperious.

Oudh or aloeswood oil derives from various species of agarwood and occurs only when the wood is poisoned and dying from parasite infestation; so rather like ambergris, it contains within its molecules a scent of decay. This lends it a magnetic decadence which may attract or repel. Correct and discreet handling is essential - Caron's expert touch blends it with Indian jatamansi herbs, Damask rose absolute, saffron, jasmine, cedar and musk. Absolutely gorgeous, like a Mughal Emperor.
Secret Oud 50ml EDP by Caron
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