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What the Press have said about us recently

Mail Online  Jo Fairley writes:
We suggest that you set aside a morning or an afternoon to visit a wonderful scent 'destination'. The fabulous Les Senteurs shop - their second boutique - has opened just a stone's throw from Marble Arch in London. They showcase rare and 'niche' perfumes and can be relied on for honesty
ElleUK Online  Suzanne Scott writes:
Every woman dreams of finding the ‘one’ – their perfect scent. Go for a 1-2-1 at independent perfumer Les Senteurs newest store in Marylebone, London, and you might just find it. In the setting of one of the Great London Estates, lose yourself in niche fragrance brands like Annick Goutal, Frederic Malle and Juliette Has a Gun and learn what type of fragrances you are drawn to, be it green, floral or woody … you will leave with a smile on your face and your new signature scent, your ‘one’, in your bag.
British Beauty Blogger  British Beauty Blogger writes:
Les Senteurs is a proper ‘perfumery’; they sell quality fragrances, artisanal perfumes and their knowledge is legendary. It is a place for true aficionados to revel in the art of perfume.
India Knight's The Shops  India Knight writes:
My favourite perfume shop, with astonishingly good looking and well chosen stock. The shop is beautiful and the staff are knowledgeable and friendly; you can spend hours here. Mail order by catalogue (which is a pleasure to read) or over the phone; they will post world wide. They also offer a sample service - tell them what you like the sound of from the catalogue and they'll decant some for you and send it.
Ape to Gentleman  Chris Beastall writes:
Les Senteurs, launched in 1984 takes fragrance to a new level. With its international reputation for launching rare yet exquisite brands such as Annick Goutal and Frederic Malle and near legendary customer service we are delighted to see the legend grow to a second store. Perfume archivist and Ape to Gentleman contributed James Craven, possess an encyclopedic knowledge of scent and along with all Les Senteurs staff is trained to inform and assist customers in finding a scent which absolutely suits them.
 Beauty Bible Blog Jo Fairley writes:
As we're always saying, scent-shopping shouldn't be rushed.  Ever.  You need time to stop, relax, explore.  And then maybe even go away again, before making up your mind.  (It's the enduring base notes in a fragrance which you really live with, and those don't unfurl for a few hours.) At Beauty Bible, we support the idea of Slow Food.  And Slow Travel.  And now we'd like to launch a Campaign for Slow Scent, inspired by the new Les Senteurs boutique, in Marylebone – because we cannot think of a nicer place for leisurely scent exploration.