Amouage is just one year older than Les Senteurs. So, in many ways, we have made the great fragrance pilgrimage together: along the immemorial spice and perfume trail from East to West! Since 1983, Amouage has celebrated the glorious legacy of Middle Eastern perfumery and the role of its legendary and ancient raw ingredients.

Why not celebrate the first signs of spring with a rich and romantic classic Amouage fragrance? Embody lyrical with the Lyric Collection, scents that combine style, sensuality, and sheer class! Exuding the wisdom of the ages, traditional perfumery skills and 21st century technique, the Lyric collection will enhance the aura and authority of the most discriminating of ladies and gentlemen. The dark wild rose as you have never known her before.

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Fragrance Family of the Month: Floral

We refine our definition of floral fragrances by offering white florals, green florals, tropical florals, hothouse florals, fresh florals, floral chypres, florientals and so on. The moods of the floral are infinite and of course will vary in different cultures. Florals are hugely versatile, each with a very different mood, from the sultry sophisticated and voluptuous to the innocent and naïve. So set your preconceived notions aside and make this year the one to explore the rich heady seductive world of florals.

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Exclusive: Tuberose in Blue

On the Corcovado mountain, an old car gently ascends a narrow road through a swirl of cobalt-blue butterflies, the sweet scent of tuberose wafting in through the open windows…


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