Florals. The largest perfume family of all and undoubtedly the one most easily understood and defined: florals are quite simply scents which draw their inspiration - and often their ingredients - from flowers.

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Traditionally they are seen as being fresh airy sunny scents, perfect for day wear and for warm summer evenings. Soliflores recreate individual flowers; multi-floral bouquets harmonise blossoms as though in a vase or garden bed. Florals are probably the first form in which men and women used any form of perfume. Before they burned incense to their gods, ancient humans were tucking flowers into their hair and their furs, revelling in Nature's own fragrance.

There is a paradox today in that florals are always said to be statistically the most popular type: nonetheless many customers resist the idea of 'something flowery' as being too naïve; too obvious; too jejune. So, we refine our definition, offering white florals, green florals, tropical florals, hothouse florals, fresh florals, floral chypres, florientals and so on. The moods of the floral are infinite and of course will vary in different cultures. Florals are hugely versatile, each with a very different mood, from the sultry sophisticated and voluptuous to the innocent and naïve. So set your preconceived notions aside and make this year the one to explore the rich heady seductive world of florals.