The Essential Collection: Loved by Women

Frederic Malle

The Essential Collection: Loved by Women

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Loved by women.

Frédéric Malle collaborates with the greatest perfumers of our time. Together they work without any constraints to create the most innovative, yet timeless olfactory works of art. This carefully chosen selection features 6 extraordinary perfumes including Portrait of a Lady, presented in 3.5ml sprays – an invitation to discover our crown jewels and perhaps mark the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Comprised of:
Carnal Flower
Eau de Magnolia
En Passant
Iris Poudre
Musc Ravageur
Portrait of a Lady

6 x 3.5ml

Frederic Malle
Frederic Malle
Frederic Malle’s concept for Editions de Parfums has been to assemble some of the greatest perfume talents in the industry to establish a publishing house of fragrance featuring a new stable of outspoken and provocative olfactory authors.

His mission was to bring inspiration back to the ‘hidden heart’ of perfumery: commissioning the perfumers to move away from the constraints and demands of today’s mass market and encouraging them to create scents without restriction, from the outer limits of their imagination.

These highly unusual and imaginative fragrances herald a new purity and style in the world of fragrance; rare and precious ingredients are combined in stunning collectors pieces, each one a triumph of the perfumer’s art.