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Tauer Perfumes

Au Coeur Du Desert Extrait

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Andy Tauer's gorgeous development and expansion of his classic and iconic L'Air Du Desert Marocain. Au Coeur du Desert is an extrait version of Andy's enormously prized signature fragrance with its well-loved notes of cistus rock rose, Moroccan jasmine, coriander, cumin and citrus. The intoxicating scents of the North African...

By Kilian

Good Girl Gone Bad

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Deceptively demure top notes of sambac jasmine and osmanthus are belied by the erotic heart of Indian tuberose, narcissus and the honeyed sweetness of rose de Mai on a golden base of cedar and amber.

Cloon Keen

Frosted Moon

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The scent of a frosted moon in all its ethereal radiance. Delphine Thierry's creation is a wondrously soft and woody blend of angelica, orris, vetiver and galbanum; passionate, warm and earthy, but kissed by the cool fresh silvery powderiness of moonlight. Intimate and sensuous, Frosted Moon is an intriguingly paradoxical perfume.


Parle Moi de Parfum

Guimauve de Noel

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'Christmas Marshmallow'
Christmas celebrations, bursts of joyous laughter, kisses and treats....
Orange blossom and sugared vanilla bring back comforting innocent scents of childhood, to take you by the hand down a rosy memory lane. A moment of respite, relaxation and trust.


Olverum Bath Oil

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Olverum Bath Oil is a pure concentration of natural essential and aromatic oils - with no foaming agents or other synthetic additives.

It is a superb product, unsurpassed as a relaxant for tense or painful muscles and for its restorative and calming qualities. It has overall a delicious pine needle...

Cloon Keen

Noble Fir Candle


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Noble Fir is the unique and enchanting tinglingly-thrilling scent of Christmas and the Mid-Winter Solstice: green, earthy and honeyed.

Fir also yields a magnificently powerful healing oil to warm the blood, boost energy levels and lift the spirits. For centuries it was an essential medicine of wizards, wise women and...

Mona di Orio

Myrrh Casati

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A magnificent perfume inspired by the iconic Marchesa Luisa Casati, eccentric socialite and artist of the 1920's. Myrrh Casati revolves around a core of Somalian myrrh & frankincense, blended with liquorice, benzoin pepper, cardamom, saffron, patchouli and gaiaic wood.

Perfumer Melanie Leroux catches Mona di Orio's style and signature in...

Frederic Malle

Portrait of a Lady Body Butter


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Ropion's glorious spiced, plush rose here presented as a delicious body butter.

Frederic Malle

Cologne Indelebile Body Cream

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This highly moisturising but lightly textured body milk is the perfect addition to the matching fragrance. Delicately perfumed, wearing this lotion will provide a soft veil of scent. Cologne Indelebile by Dominque Ropion illustrates its creator's belief that the simplest creations often generate the strongest and most powerful emotions. This is...