Maison Crivelli


Les Senteurs is glad to introduce Maison Crivelli, a new fragrance house founded by the young entrepreneur Thibaud Crivelli whose thirst for adventure brings scents like no other.

He describes perfume as a living experience and believes that beauty often lies in the unexpected. His incredible experiences have inspired his fragrances that encapsulate the beauty of the smaller things. Maison Crivelli invites you to take your time and soak up every aspect of the experiences these products personify.

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Fragrance Family of the Month: Fougere

The Fougère fragrance family is based on fragrant woods: and, within that remit, very varied - grainy, dry, blond and smooth; or earthy, oily, dark and suggestive of forest depths. These scents are traditionally associated with male fragrance use. Nowadays they also have great appeal to women who find commercial perfumes overly sweet and cloying.

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Exclusive: Ombú

This fragrance celebrates the gigantic Ombú tree of the Argentine pampa, which offers grateful shade and protection to travellers in all weathers…


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