Perfume becomes a living experience that fills all the senses with wonder.

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Discover the surprising contrasts of fragrances that you've never smelt before.

Through each Haute Parfumerie creation, the founder of the House, Thibaud Crivelli, shares the memory of an unexpected and ultra-sensorial encounter with perfume ingredients.

This collection of 9 gender-free fragrances will surprise you with its contrasts, originality and modernity.

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Fragrance Family of the Month: Floral

We refine our definition of floral fragrances by offering white florals, green florals, tropical florals, hothouse florals, fresh florals, floral chypres, florientals and so on. The moods of the floral are infinite and of course will vary in different cultures. Florals are hugely versatile, each with a very different mood, from the sultry sophisticated and voluptuous to the innocent and naïve. So set your preconceived notions aside and make this year the one to explore the rich heady seductive world of florals.

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Exclusive: Roisin Dubh

A dusky haze of rose, entwined with ink-stained patchouli, unfurls into a brooding base of smoky incense, black pepper and tobacco absolute.


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