Bright and lush, mysterious and provocative, Synthetic Jungle is a stylized landscape in technicolour greens. An ode to cult perfumes of the 1970s, Synthetic Jungle offers a modern vision of nature reimagined.

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Fragrance Family of the Month: Leather

In modern perfumery the smell of good leather became an accord in its own right with a slew of iconic Russian leather fragrances from the 1890's onwards.

The family has enjoyed a renaissance in the present era with fragrances that are succulent, floral, sensual, smoky or shiny. Leather has a kaleidoscope of moods from the aggressive to the tranquilly assured: an infinite variety for the discerning perfume lover. 

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Exclusive: Metamorphic

A scent inspired by the ancient and complex geology of Scotland: the aromas and textures of metamorphic rock. Rich dark and intense with spicy head notes of tobacco and black pepper leading into fragrant Islay Malt, incense and deep mysterious rose and leather.