Liquides Imaginaires Discovery Box

Liquides Imaginaires

Liquides Imaginaires Discovery Box


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Explore five of Liquides Imaginaires' exceptional scents: 

Fortis 1.5ml

Vigorous, intense, dark and penetrating. With spicy top notes of oud, saffron and cumin; Fortis develops into all the scents of an autumnal forest floor, reaching deep into the soil for amazing strength and vitality.

Bello Rabelo 1.5ml

Opening with an accord of port wine and dried fruit this escapist perfume has a heart of cistus, immortelles and balm on a sweet tenacious base of ambery woods and incense.

Fleur de Sable 1.5ml

With spicy top notes of pink pepper, raw vetiver and oleoresinous elemi. The heart is of delicate eglantine rose spangled with paprika on a powdery piquant base of orris, black pepper and myrrh.

Sancti 1.5ml

A luminous citric incense to refresh and uplift. The elevating power of fragrance as a protective blessing. Mandarin, grapefruit and cypress lead into a fougere heart of lavender, rosemary, coriander and cardamom.

Succus 1.5ml

The airy, flowery, solar scent of the tree tops. Perfume in flight, like a flock of gorgeous macaws. Italian mandarin and grapefruit blended with laurel add a sharp citric quality above aromatic rosemary, juniper, sage and a brilliant dramatic floral orchid accord.

Liquides Imaginaires
Liquides Imaginaires
Liquides Imaginaires is a range created by designer Philippe Di Méo, very quickly joined in the adventure by David Frossard, a hunter of rare scents and perfume distributor. This line of fragrances is the result of each one’s specific experiences in the world of perfumes, scents and odours, as well as their interest in the power of perfume.

Today the Liquides Imaginaires range consists of three trilogies and nine exceptional fragrances.