Eau D'Italie

Eau D'Italie

Easy to Love


Easy to Love is a gorgeous fragrance to celebrate the glorious Italian summer and the 15th Anniversary of the deliciously elegant Eau d'Italie brand. It's a sparkling dewy green bouquet of enlivening luscious scents: silky creamy peony petals, honeycomb, dark purple figs, verdant fig leaves, ambrette seeds, tonka bean and mouth-watering sweet-sour white currants. As dreamy as an endless golden Italian afternoon, Easy to Love is the perfect holiday choice!

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Fragrance Family of the Month: Citrus

Citruses are also sometimes known as hesperidic, one of the oldest of the classic perfume families. Oils of orange, lemon, bergamot, neroli, grapefruit create a fresh bright 'cologne' accord. Citrus perfumes are often without gender or sexuality; and are the most refreshing, restrained and uncomplicated of all scents to wear. They can also be the most exquisitely sophisticated, revelling in the luxury of extreme simplicity.

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Exclusive: Cologne

Timeless, yet a very modern cologne with blood orange and orange blossom in overdose as well as bergamot and jasmine. The musk makes it a long lasting cologne.


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