Introducing Cuir

Introducing Cuir

by Mona Di Orio


The late and much-loved Mona Di Orio was a unique star of perfumery. She loved and cherished her creations as though they were her children. Mona had not only impeccable scientific and chemical expertise, but also a visceral and highly emotional rapport with scent and the sense of smell. She brought a perfume alive just by talking about it. When you went on to try the fragrance, you were blown away… her dreams came true - on your skin.

Cuir (“Leather”) was launched in 2010 and is inspired by the idea of that smooth soft supple Spanish leather made for over a thousand years in and around Córdoba. Wonderfully jewelled, painted and gilded it was used for centuries to bind precious books, decorate the homes of the rich and to make shoes, boots, capes, and cloaks.

And so, rightly, Cuir smells incredibly rich, opulent, and luxurious. A waft of hot passionate animality.

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Fragrance Family of the Month: Leather

In modern perfumery the smell of good leather became an accord in its own right with a slew of iconic Russian leather fragrances from the 1890's onwards. We carry the astonishingly farouche Knize Ten (1921) exclusively at Les Senteurs. The family has enjoyed a renaissance in the present era with fragrances that are succulent, floral, sensual, smoky or shiny. Leather has a kaleidoscope of moods from the aggressive to the tranquilly assured: an infinite variety for the discerning perfume lover.

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