Lemon and mandarin sparkle in the top notes of the aquatic greens, mint and violet leaf. A refreshing, luminous fragrance, ideal for Spring or Summer; however, the warm base of vetiver and cardamom means that it will continue to delight long into the colder seasons.


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Fragrance Family of the Month: Green

Green scents are sharp, crisp perfumes which create the illusion of grass, leaves, stems, stalks and buds. They paint pictures of fields, meadows, lawns and forest canopies. They are not languorous and relaxing but energising and challenging. Greens are clean and bright and full of confidence, easy and bracing to wear.

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Exclusive – Knize Forest

A masculine animalic fougere, which blendsleather, cedar, castoreum, patchouli and civet, and floral notes including jasmine, rose and carnation.

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