Inspired by the inherent beauty of raw materials and those who reveal it, Atelier Materi is a premium French perfume house that combines expert craftsmanship with a contemporary vision.

Developed with a respect for time and crafted from the finest materials, every creation is a minimalist and contemporary statement.

Driven by the desire to create with a pace respectful of the rhythms of creative process, craftsmanship and nature, Atelier Materi chooses a new form of luxury.

An honest, sincere and authentic luxury that takes the time to perfect itself.

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Fragrance Family of the Month: Aquatic

Aquatic fragrances are a modern sub-group which use a variety of natural and synthetic materials to suggest the sea, lakes, rivers, streams and cascades. This family has developed into a particularly eloquent style of perfumery. Suitable for any age and flattering to both men and women, aquatics are the perfect choice for warm spring days.

Comfortable, clean and tranquil, an aquatic fragrance puts the wearer at ease and will prove a credit to any occasion.

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Exclusive: Albaura

Tempting, mysterious and intoxicating: the glacial freshness of snow and ice blended with berries and botanicals; minerals and moss. A bold pure and noble beauty!


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