Etat Libre d'Orange continues to enthral every perfume connoisseur, especially those with an enquiring and rebellious streak.

At a time when many of our lives seem uncertain and ever so slightly out of control, here comes the House's sensational new perfume, Exit the King.

This is a fragrance which smells deceptively delicious - of foaming creamy soap, heady white flowers and sandalwood - but which is also prepared to explore tough and controversial issues. It's a perfume for our troubled age!

Exit the King is about power: its use and misuse; about change and life's continual reversals. It is the work of two perfumers both well known to Les Senteurs through their creations. A round of applause for the German-born Ralph Schwieger and for Cécile Matton, born French and raised in Zaire.

Two experts; two noses working in tandem. One perfect right royal fragrance!

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Fragrance Family of the Month: Chypre

The Chypre fragrance family is named for the island of Cyprus, the birthplace of Aphrodite, goddess of erotic love. Deeply seductive, mesmerising and fascinating, Chypre is ambisexual and assertive. Colossally sophisticated - even formidable - it is the ultimate parfum-de-film noir: a scent of fashionable night clubs, limousine showrooms, art galleries, penthouses, theatres. It wears well with luxurious natural fabrics and fibres: suede gloves, hand-built suits and hand-made shoes, twilled silks and tweed; fur and feather and patent leather.

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Exclusive: Chypre 21

Chypre for the 21st century. Evocative of the 'chypre' family of fragrances: synonymous with classic style, glamour, and finesse. True to the Chypre style, no one element dominates, and this is all accomplished with Heeley's trademark flourish of uplifting freshness.


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