You don't need an aeroplane or a magic carpet to whisk you off to the Indian subcontinent - just the latest gorgeous perfume from Parle Moi de Parfum. Gardens of India / 79 is a glorious rich oriental fragrance constructed in the grand manner. This lavish immersion in lush flowers and foliage is also a master perfumer's loving in-depth exploration of three iconic natural oils.

Timeless elegance. As creator Michel Almairac advises:

"It took me more than twenty years of research and testing to create this fragrance:
don't waste time!"

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Fragrance Family of the Month: Fougere

The Fougère fragrance family is based on fragrant woods: and, within that remit, very varied - grainy, dry, blond and smooth; or earthy, oily, dark and suggestive of forest depths. These scents are traditionally associated with male fragrance use. Nowadays they also have great appeal to women who find commercial perfumes overly sweet and cloying.

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Exclusive: Eau Absolue

With a dazzling effervescence of top notes, Eau Absolue bursts into life with a summer breeze of bergamot, clementine, mandarin and petit grain. Think Mediterranean cliffs and seaside terraced gardens.


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