Sylvaine Delcourte

Sylvaine Delcourte

Classic raw materials, reimagined


This exceptional new brand comprises two beautiful and unexpected collections - Musc and Vanille. Musk is usually associated with animalic fragrances, and vanilla with sweet ones.

Sylvaine Delacourte challenges these preconceptions, basing these exquisite scents on the iconic natural ingridients but creating totally unique personalities.


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Fragrance Family of the Month: Aquatic

The youngest of the fragrance families, aquatics are an evocation of moisture and water in all its forms: the seven seas, rivers, pools, oceans, cascades, ice, rains, storms and sunny seaside coves. Within this magical illusion this tribe of perfumes can assume many moods: virile and even brash; humorous; refreshing and quenching; delicately romantic.


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Exclusive: Sel Marin

An unsurpassed aquatic, this scent is a gentle sea breeze captured in a fragrance. Golden lemon notes and cool green waters will transport you to a Mediterranean getaway.

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