Unique & Exclusive Treasures at Les Senteurs

Unique & Exclusive Treasures at Les Senteurs


That special season of giving and gifting is nearly here again! Let us make Christmas 2020 uniquely special! Here is a challenge: so, let us all rise to it magnificently!

We pride ourselves on offering those unique and exclusive treasures you will not find elsewhere. Show your family and friends how much you care by sourcing and choosing something very rare and precious: a present selected with love and the most discriminating taste. Offer a gift to show how you have gone those extra miles to bring a smile to their lips on Christmas Day!

Quality is the key to a perfect present! The thought, care and love you put into choosing, is what shines through. Tauer Perfumes, Cloon Keen, Ex Idolo, Sylvaine Delacourte, Marc-Antoine Barrois, Dusita, Arcadia, Maison Rebatchi and so many more: all iconic names and only at Les Senteurs!

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Fragrance Family of the Month: Oriental

Exotic, sweet perfumes inspired by romantic visions of the gorgeous East; rich in precious woods, tonka, vanilla, balsams, and spices. Consequently, these scents are usually very long-lasting on hair, skin, and clothing. Orientals are not for the shy, the reserved, the prudent. They are highly coloured, elaborate and warm in mood with a pungent sillage. They often attributed with powerful aphrodisiac qualities. It takes a strong personality to wear an Oriental without being overcome by its spell.

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Exclusive: Vanilla Pod

'I had emerged from my pod. The colored smoke shrouded me. My heart throbbed in tune to the beat of the drums. I was connected to the pulse of the city. We were one'...


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