Rose & Cuir is Jean-Claude Ellena's magnificent new scent for Frederic Malle. Playing with contrasting ideas of hot and cold, this new scent is as crisp, clear and invigorating as a perfect September day.

Rose & Cuir is a cool chypre of a new and radical type: stylised, unexpected and daring. A perfume of illusion and stylised elegance and chic, with a wily mischievous name to intrigue and amuse.

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Fragrance Family of the Month: Tobacco

Tobacco scents can be acrid, smoky, honeyed, green or damp. Intriguingly aromatic; still mildly controversial. Impartial as to gender, the Tobacco Family can also evoke vintage glamour, luxurious locales and furnishings. Elegant sensual and unusual, tobacco deserves a place in every connoisseur's perfume wardrobe.

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Exclusive: Virgile

A homage to the ancient Roman poet Virgil. A delicious fragrant herbal bouquet of sage, rosemary and thyme spliced with spicy geranium, cedar, soft leather and vanilla. A Roman banquet!


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