Frederic Malle’s concept for Editions de Parfums has been to assemble some of the greatest perfume talents in the industry to establish a publishing house of fragrance featuring a new stable of outspoken and provocative olfactory authors.

His mission was to bring inspiration back to the ‘hidden heart’ of perfumery: commissioning the perfumers to move away from the constraints and demands of today’s mass market and encouraging them to create scents without restriction, from the outer limits of their imagination.

Portrait of a Lady is perhaps Dominique Ropion’s most sublime achievement - an overdose of the finest Turkish rose absolute, blended with raspberry, cassis, clove, cinnamon, patchouli and amber. Simmering and stunning, profound sillage and mysterious alluring sexuality.

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Baccarat Rouge 540 from Maison Francis Kurkdjian

A visual whirling perfume inspired by the dancing glittering light in a Baccarat crystal chandlier - diamond sparks surrounding a central glowing ruby pendant. Youthful, glamorous, mysterious and uplifting.  A heart of jasmine and saffron; a suggestion of crimson soft fruits and a gauzy sweetness all expand into a base of amber, fragrant cedar and the woody gummy sensuality of fir resins.

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Musc Des Sables is a profound and hypnotic perfume, immersing the nose in a cloud of silky musks.