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Atelier Materi, founded by Véronique Le Bihan, is a premium French perfume house that combines superb craftsmanship with a contemporary vision. Every wondrous perfume focuses on a single raw material to bring out its innermost secrets that are at the heart of these exceptional unisex scents. Atelier Materi's are committed to empowering women and environmental care. A remarkable modern perfumery whose entire value chain is run and staffed by women who ensure fair trade and the well being of the environments they touch.

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Fragrance Family of the Month: Fruity

Fruity notes have a long history in perfumery: the pineapple accord which made Aventus such an iconic star was first used by Jean Patou in the 1920's. Fruity fragrances tend to be light-hearted, witty, joyful and extroverted though they are of no particular gender. Fruity scent is becoming increasingly sophisticated as perfumery techniques discover how to interpret an ever-widening selection of ingredients and how to render them in rarefied and unusual ways.

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Exclusive: Rose Flash

This gorgeous and farouche perfume explores every facet of sweet spicy rose oils and attars in a sensual style. An essential for every rose connoisseur, Rose Flash will also win new fans of the Queen of Flowers.


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