Les Bains Guerbois 1885, breathing new life into a legend.

Founded in 1885, the Spa Les Bains Guerbois quickly became the Parisian temple of beauty and well-being, where artists (Manet, Proust, Renoir) and high society meet. In 1978 the establishment, renamed Les Bains Douches, became one of the most famous nightclubs in the world. In 2015, Les Bains was transformed into a 5* hotel and revived its club and Spa. 

Then in 2016 Jean-Pierre Marois, the heir of the place, reinvented Les Bains Guerbois by launching a first signature Cologne. Then followed a new line of eaux de parfum followed that evokes an olfactive journey into its rich past of more than 130 years.

The beautiful memory of summer nights overlooking the lovely Bay od Poistano is what we've encapsulated in Fior Fiore Eau de Parfum.   A caressing whiff of delicious creamy flowers comes to keep you company and the gorgeous night-flowering Sirenuse jasmine to take home with you all year round.

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Dusita, a new brand of French haute perfume. Inspired by a Siamese paradise of pure delight & contentment.


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