Celebrating 20 Years of Total Creative Freedom

Celebrating 20 Years of Total Creative Freedom

by Frederic Malle


Caron: the name has true magic for all connoisseurs of vintage haute parfumerie. Founded nearly 120 years ago by the pioneering genius Ernest Daltroff, Caron has always been one of the very grandest of all the French fragrance houses. Famous for such legendary creations as Tabac Blond, Fleur de Rocaille and Pour Un Homme, Caron is also celebrated for its bold innovations and unusual accords. Caron fragrances are noted for their rich full-bodied character, tenacity and sillage as well as for their provocative names and witty concepts.

Now comes an exciting new perfume that begs - or demands: ‘love me just as I am’ (Aimez-Moi Comme Je Suis). Nostalgically referencing a House perfume name from a hundred years ago, this new eau de toilette is aimed at the male clientele: though that's no reason to prevent the ladies having a try of it!

Aimez-Moi Comme Je Suis is a sexy and none too serious eau de toilette based around sweet sensual addictive accords of vetiver, vanilla, and hazelnut. A hint of flamboyance is a characteristic component of all Caron creations. This warm and embraceable scent will bring colour and romance into everyone's life this winter.

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Fragrance Family of the Month: Tobacco

Tobacco scents can be sharp, smoky, honeyed, green or damp. Intriguingly aromatic; still mildly controversial. Impartial as to gender, the Tobacco Family can also evoke vintage glamour, luxurious locales and furnishings. Elegant sensual and unusual, tobacco deserves a place in every connoisseur's perfume wardrobe.

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Exclusive: B683

This enticing fragrance remembers captivating smells, of the leather from an elegant brief-case or distinct smells of burnt logs during the regular family gatherings to warm the family home.


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