Autumn is well and truly upon us and here at Les Senteurs we're revelling in Kingdom Scotland's latest fragrance, rich in botanical notes and inspired by Edinburgh's Royal Botanic Gardens.

Kingdom Botanica by Kingdom Scotland is an exhilarating escapist adventure in perfume that takes every season and climate in its stride.

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Fragrance Family of the Month: Tobacco

Tobacco scents can be sharp, smoky, honeyed, green or damp. Intriguingly aromatic; still mildly controversial. Impartial as to gender, the Tobacco Family can also evoke vintage glamour, luxurious locales and furnishings. Elegant sensual and unusual, tobacco deserves a place in every connoisseur's perfume wardrobe. 

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Exclusive: Tobacco Rose

Rich in spicy Bulgarian rose and the lemon hints of rose centifolia Tobacco Rose uses a hay accord to provide tobacco accents blended with patchouli, galbanum, beeswax and oakmoss, with animalic hints of ambergris and sweet sinuous musks.