The Hawksley family vision radically transformed the entire British approach to niche fragrance. Now after more than 35 years at the pinnacle of perfume expertise, Les Senteurs presents a new sensation. The Les Senteurs Candle Collection is composed of six superbly evocative fragrances. Each candle is inspired by a personality and a vignette from the extraordinarily diverse Hawksley family tree.

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Fragrance Family of the Month: Gourmand

Gourmand perfumes comprise an especially sensual fragrance family which celebrates the close link between smell and taste. Gourmands are all about the pleasures of the table, and especially those foods which are sweet, creamy, candied, crystallised, unctuous, buttered or iced.

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Exclusive: Tobacco Rose

Rich in spicy Bulgarian rose and the lemon hints of rose centifolia Tobacco Rose uses a hay accord to provide tobacco accents blended with patchouli, galbanum, beeswax and oakmoss, with animalic hints of ambergris and sweet sinuous musks.