We’ve been keeping Mothering Sunday in this country since medieval times but its ancient origins are far older than that. It’s a beautiful day dedicated to mothers - and to the celebration of motherhood in all its aspects. It’s a festival full of simnel cakes, primroses and perfume! A day of love and laughter and emotional enrichment.

Besides honouring our birth mother this March 14th, we should extend the tributes to any mother in our circle who is dear to us - an aunt, sister or grandmother.

And we should remember anyone who has offered us special nurturing care and affection - someone who has looked after us like a mother. A friend, a carer, a mentor perhaps?

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Fragrance Family of the Month: Woody

The Woody Family seems to have become increasingly popular as perfume lovers seek types of fragrance that are not immediately recognizable or too readily defined. They look for scents with a soft clean quality that are not too sweet or pungent. Woody perfumes form so varied and so wide a category that they offer a very generous choice; appropriate to any occasion and suitable for either sex they are elegant yet relaxed; refined, classic and very easy to wear.

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Exclusive: L'Air des Alpes Suisses

A glorious evocation of the grandeur of the Swiss Alps: conceived, labelled and hand-poured in Switzerland. Fresh bracing headnotes from the breezes over the bare mountains of the Swiss Alps, windswept and glacial, breathing bitter herbs and granite.


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