Stand out this Christmas

Stand out this Christmas

With a unique scented gift from Les Senteurs.


Warm yourself before a roaring fire and cosy up as you write your very special Christmas gift list from Les Senteurs. We have a treasury of perfumes and scented goods that you will find nowhere else in the UK, so you can take your pick of presents which are both luxurious and unique.

Come by our lovely boutique or browse online. However, you choose to shop you can be confident you are giving the best of the best this Christmas: those rare and lovely gifts that your friends and family deserve!

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Fragrance Family of the Month: Woody

The Woody Family seems to have become increasingly popular as perfume-lovers seek types of fragrance that are not immediately recognizable or too readily defined. They look for scents with a soft clean quality that are not too sweet or pungent. Woody perfumes form so varied and so wide a category that they offer a very generous choice; appropriate to any occasion and suitable for either sex they are elegant yet relaxed; refined, classic and very easy to wear.

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Exclusive: Exotic Woods Candle

Exotic Woods’s treacly, warm tones capture the unique aroma of sap that oozes from sun-warmed cedar. Aromatic rosemary, aquatic notes and tart grapefruit enliven this evocative mix.


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