The Art of Scenting your Home

The Art of Scenting your Home

A treat for yourself and

your loved ones


Illumine the shortest days of the year and kindle an instant cosy atmosphere of romance, hope and festivity with an exquisitely scented candle from Les Senteurs. Light a candle and make a Christmas wish! Tell no one - and it’s bound to come true!

One of the most seductive qualities of a lit candle is that the fragrance it exudes is warm and enveloping, bewitching the nose and the imagination like a perfume worn on the skin. Fill the home with beguiling scents and remember it’s great to have a different scent for each room. Alternatively, burn complementary fragrances simultaneously to create an entirely unique personalised ambience!

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Christmas Gifting Idea: Scented Bath & Body Treats

For we offer many other things than fragrance in bottles; we offer a dream and a holistic olfactory experience. Compose a beautiful combination of scented treats to express whatever dream captures your imagination this festive season. Nothing will conjure more Christmas magic than indulging in our range of wonderful bath and body delights.

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Exclusive: Valkyrie

Valkyrie surprises and fascinates with its contrasts: freshness, liveliness and brightness balance with round, sensuous, enveloping aromas. As the mythological hero that inspired Wagner’s Opera, Valkyrie evokes the strength and invincibility of a god or goddess.


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