Introducing Kingdom Scotland

Introducing Kingdom Scotland


A unique new brand of fragrance has joined the Les Senteurs family! So here is a resounding blast of the trumpet for Scotland’s first perfume house, founded and owned by Imogen Russon-Taylor. Kingdom Scotland so far comprises three gloriously rich and vibrant perfumes.

Metamorphic explores and exposes the colours and textures of Primeval rocks, the peaty golden fumes of Islay Malt whiskey, seasoned leather and the red roses of Burns’ poetry. A fragrance to stir the soul of any true perfume lover.

Portal is green, romantic and nostalgic; the flowers and ferns of the forest floor emitting their lush deep aromatic oils when the lonely lovely glen is disturbed by the feet of human intruders or the delicate hooves of deer.

And then to the frozen north with the icy faery odour of Albaura. The crystal-clear scent of snow, minerals, berries and shimmering freshness takes one‘s breath away as on beholding the grandeur of the Highland peaks

“Afore ye go....” - try one!

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Fragrance Family of the Month: Chypre

The Chypre fragrance family is named for the island of Cyprus, the birthplace of Aphrodite, goddess of erotic love. Deeply seductive, mesmerising and fascinating, Chypre is ambisexual and assertive. Colossally sophisticated - even formidable - it is the ultimate parfum-de-film noir: a scent of fashionable night clubs, limousine showrooms, art galleries, penthouses, theatres. It wears well with luxurious natural fabrics and fibres: suede gloves, hand-built suits and hand-made shoes, twilled silks and tweed; fur and feather and patent leather.

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Exclusive: Rose Prana

A delicate, uplifting eternally romantic floral fragrance. The heart of this scent is the Centifolia Rose, the key to inspiring love and happiness, it only blooms three weeks in May each year.


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