Autumn Originals

Autumn Originals

Invigorating and vivacious...

A fragrance to turn every head.


This unique story began in 1760.  Founded by James Henry Creed, the House of Creed has created fragrances for the discerning for over 260 years.
Original Santal is a vigorous, startling and inspiring fragrance. Sharp and crisp, masculine but also sweet, warm, punchy and generous…Original Vetiver, on the other hand, is a delicious, light harmony of fresh green scents balanced with sensual precious woods. Wonderfully airy and invigorating…
Based in Paris, with a factory at Fontainebleau, Creed manufactures many of its own essences using rare traditional techniques, enabling Creed to maintain the superior quality and authenticity of its fragrances.

New at Les Senteurs: MiN New York

MiN New York stands for the New York Minute; a fleeting moment, gone in a flash, yet highly productive and meaningful if wisely spent.
With intention, focus & drive, the power of a moment is harnessed.
By stitching each of these moments together,  the pathway to a well lived life is illuminated.

Exclusive to Les Senteurs

Ivre de Vie is the sound – and scent – of emotion transferred to vinyl. 
Cassis, grape and blackberry lead into an accord of rose, geranium, linden blossom and a startling electric thrill of vinyl.