CREED <br><i>Royal Princess Oud</i>

Royal Princess Oud


The House of Creed has created a captivating, modern interpretation of oud. The imaginative feminine composition draws upon the brand’s celebrated history, inspired by a time when the House was steeped in London’s fine tailoring. Oud, sometimes referred to as “liquid gold”, is a truly regal ingredient, fitting for this luxurious scent.


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Fragrance Family of the Month: Floral

The largest perfume florals are quite simply scents which draw their inspiration - and often their ingredients - from flowers. Traditionally they are seen as being fresh airy sunny scents, perfect for day wear and for warm summer evenings. However, florals are hugely versatile, each with a very different mood, from the sultry sophisticated and voluptuous to the innocent and naïve. Even notes inspired by the same flower can be reimagined and reinterpreted. So set your preconceived notions aside and explore the rich heady seductive world of florals.

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Exclusive at Les Senteurs: Castaña

Castaña, meaning ‘chestnut’ in Spanish, is an enchanting unisex vetiver fragrance, bathed in delicate floral notes of cassia absolute and jasmine blossoms.

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