Viking Cologne by Creed

Viking Cologne by Creed


Viking Cologne is for the individual who knows no bounds to their ambitions, desires and achievements.

Bold and fresh: the fragrance sparkles and gleams like a sunrise over the sea. The finest oils, harvested and sourced from all over the world combine in a glorious homage to confident and untrammelled virility.

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Fragrance Family of the Month: Oriental

Exotic, sweet perfumes inspired by romantic visions of the gorgeous East; rich in precious woods, tonka, vanilla, balsams, and spices. Consequently, these scents are usually very long-lasting on hair, skin, and clothing. Orientals are not for the shy, the reserved, the prudent. They are highly coloured, elaborate, and warm in mood with a pungent sillage.

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Portrait of a Lady by Frederic Malle

The finest Turkish rose absolute, blended with raspberry, cassis, clove, cinnamon, patchouli and amber. Simmering and stunning, profound sillage and mysterious alluring sexuality.


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