Les Senteurs has amazing news & an exciting invitation for perfume connoisseurs and fragrance fans! Celebrate the coming of spring with a much loved and lauded British perfume brand, available for the very first time at Les Senteurs. Please welcome and enjoy Ormonde Jayne: Queen of British perfumers! Her Signature collection is now available - yours to revel in and to wear.

Founded and run by perfumer Linda Pilkington, Ormonde Jayne is a jewel of a House. Linda’s fragrances are exotic, innovative, dramatic and supremely memorable. Every perfume is a rich and lovely miniature masterpiece which exhales rare precious oils through the unique vision of its creator.

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Fragrance Family of the Month: Aquatic

Aquatic fragrances are a modern sub-group which use a variety of natural and synthetic materials to suggest the sea, lakes, rivers, streams and cascades. This family has developed into a particularly eloquent style of perfumery. Suitable for any age and flattering to both men and women, aquatics are the perfect choice for warm spring and hot summer days. Comfortable, clean and tranquil an aquatic fragrance puts the wearer at ease with himself and will prove a credit to any occasion.

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Exclusive: Erolfa

A fresh, herbaceous, ‘oceanic’ fragrance with tangerine, bergamot, sandalwood and ambergris. This scent will transport you to a beautiful yacht gliding over a sparkling Mediterranean ocean.


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