The three perfumes are companions on the search for happiness. Each fragrance portrays a theme on the journey.

An olfative connection between the scent triptych exists with a unifying thread of orange tonalities – Orange Blossom, Blood Orange and Mandarin. The under taking to find the golden hues represent the Search For Happiness, providing a link to Atelier Des Ors' quest for perfection. The evocative scents and hues of orange, amber and honey represent radiance and golden light.

Each fragrance can be appreciated in its own right as a beautiful scent. Yet viewed as a collection they make a powerful statement.

Mona di Orio Santal Nabataea

This scent is a multi-layered work of glowing olfactive archaeology. A fragrance inspired by the ancient kingdom of Nabataea and their capital Petra. An olfactory journey inspired by the colours and textures of this city carved in stone.

Exclusive – Altaia, By Any Other Name

A fresh translucent modern rose accented with a beautiful accord of lychee which develops into soft cedarwood and musk.