Gourmand perfumes comprise an especially sensual fragrance family which celebrates the close link between smell and taste. Gourmands are all about the pleasures of the table, and especially those foods which are sweet, creamy, candied, crystallised, unctuous, buttered or iced.

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The origins of this style of perfumery lie in the craze for the novel vanilla accords of a century ago. However, true fully fledged gourmands - like the aquatics - are a more recent phenomena, dating back to the vogue for those caramel, chocolate and fruit-themed scents in the 1990s.

Gourmands have now expanded their range to include accords of fleshy fruits and dried berries, custards, liqueurs, popcorn, patisserie, ice creams, jams, honey and syrups. As the genre continues to develop there might be a real case for including savoury meats, piquant vegetables and herbs as kissing cousins of this family. Gourmands make the mouth water with an appetite for all that life has to offer. Extrovert and exotic, yet comforting and nostalgic, gourmand fragrances have a light-hearted playfulness about them.

Witty, flamboyant, sexy, voluptuous and bold, gourmand scents are - above all - fun.