Musk Fragrances - Les Senteurs


Alluring, intoxicating, ethereal, powerful, irresistible are all words that describe the essence of Musk but at the same time don't even scratch the surface.  Musk is so much more.  Used in almost every perfume Musk is that essential component that gives a fragrance its lingering depth and warmth, bringing everything together.

One of the most famous and notorious ingredients in perfumery, musk originally came from the Far East some 1500 years ago. Now added in synthetic form Musk is incredibly versatile, adding substance, interest and a light-hearted eroticism to one perfume but softening, balancing and accentuating the composition of another.

Musk envelopes the body like a second skin and imbues scent with a light cosy warmth like the silkiest cashmere.

Discover the complexity of Musks through our wide selection of fragrances - ranging from sheer, milky, creamy, powdery to animalic, earthy, ambery.