Senteur System

We have colour-coded every fragrance and each perfumed article on our website according to one or more of 12 fragrance families, so at a glance you can get an idea what each of our scents smell like; not always the sum total of the listed ingredients but attempt to convey an overall impression and mood of a scent.

Once you have selected a perfume of your own, you can use its individual colour code to match it up with similar coded fragrances to help you find other perfumes which may appeal to you.

  • Aquatic
    A sense of the great outdoors using natural and synthetic ingredients to suggest sea breezes, icy lakes, sunny streams, icy cascades and the salty ocean.
  • Chypre
    Rich dark scents: sophisticated, elegant and urban. Generally chypres feature crisp top notes which soften through fruity or floral hearts into an aromatic woody base.
  • Citrus
    Also known as hesperidic. One of the oldest of the classic perfume families. Oils of orange, lemon, bergamot, neroli, grapefruit. A fresh bright ‘cologne’ accord.
  • Floral
    Fallen petals, bouquets, flowers in a vase: a florist's, a summer garden or a still life: white, green and velvety. Fresh, sweet and essentially feminine.
  • Fougere
    Fresh aromatic notes, suggestive of herbs, mosses, bracken and ferns - softer and warmer than Green scents with a typical use of lavender, thyme, sage and rosemary.
  • Fruity
    Fragrances enriched with notes of soft sweet fleshy fruits such as peach, apricot and plum. A sense of sensuality, opulence and indulgence. A golden amplitude!
  • Gourmand
    Gourmand perfumes comprise an especially sensual fragrance family which celebrates the close link between smell and taste. Gourmands are all about the sweet pleasures of the table.
  • Green
    Think of all the colour green suggests to you: fresh, sometimes sharp scents dominated by leafy, grassy, arboreal crisp accords. Brisk, energising, natural and clean.
  • Leather
    Leather accords are variously polished, smoky, juicy, supple or suedey. Sophisticated, varied and imaginative. Assertive and seductive.
  • Oriental
    When you think Orientals, think dramatic accords of amber, vanilla, incense, spices and tonka with indulgent sumptuous floral accords to match.
  • Tobacco
    Caron's Tabac Blond (1919) introduced a century of scents based on accords of tobacco. Acrid, smoky, honeyed, green or damp. Intriguingly aromatic; still mildly controversial.
  • Woody
    Fragrances based on fragrant woods: and, within that remit, very varied - grainy, dry, blond and smooth; or earthy, oily, dark and suggestive of forest depths.