Collection: Oud

Oud, also written Oudh, is one of the most polarising and misunderstood ingredients in the world of perfumery.  Derived from a resin produced by the agarwood of the Aquilaria tree in reaction to a fungal attack, this dark and smoky ingredient is then carefully collected and transformed into the rare, expensive and highly renowned oud.

With a dark aroma akin to a refined blend of tobacco, incense, amber, leather and wood, high quality oud is an ingredient held in the highest regard by those that appreciate the scent.

Traditionally strong of voice, there is a new oud movement in town where the complex ingredients are now being distilled and partnered to create a much lighter scent without sacrificing its tenacity.

Possibly the ingredient with the fastest growing popularity, explore our range of exclusive oud fragrances at Les Senteurs.