Sample Service

We know how much you love our famous Les Senteurs Sample Service and how useful you find it. However, please note that from November 2nd the service will be temporarily suspended.

The Sample Service will return in the New Year; but the current national situation unfortunately makes it unfeasible to offer this facility during the busiest time of the year.

We thank you for your understanding and will bring the service back as soon as we can.  

Remember all our products are described in detail on our website and our regular newsletters and blogs will continue to give you added insight into the character of many of our most desirable fragrances.

Of course, visitors to the Les Senteurs Boutique will find a tester bottle on the shelves for every fragrance in the shop. So do make that special journey to Elizabeth St if you can!!



Simply select the '1.5ml Sample' option when purchasing fragrances on our website.

Samples offer you the chance to try a new scent on your skin, the only way to truly experience fragrance. Here at Les Senteurs, we believe this is the best approach to identifying the scents that inspire you and compliment you the most. We offer an online sampling service where you can choose to trial up to four different scents for a small charge per fragrance. Our samples are decanted into 1.5ml vials and come packaged in a Les Senteurs card holder detailing the name of the scent and its fragrance house. We provide a bespoke follow up service offering further advice and recommendations.  

Where you buy a full-sized bottle of perfume you will also have the opportunity to choose two complimentary samples to treat yourself or share with friends.


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