About Les Senteurs


A Place for Scent Discovery

Since 1984 Les Senteurs (‘the scents’) has been a haven of fragrance tranquillity, away from the bustling crowds and fast pace of the department store. London’s oldest independent perfumery has become a destination for those in the know, looking for their dream fragrance, or a delightful discovery for the unaware passerby.

Here visitors can browse, smell and explore in their own time and with the support of our welcoming and knowledgeable team. As journalist and Co-Founder of The Perfume Society, Jo Fairley once said, we are champions of the ‘slow-scent movement’. Finding ‘the one’ should never be rushed.

At Les Senteurs you may not only find your dream fragrance, but also discover new ways of wearing scent, for example through the art of layering. Perhaps you might learn the story of perfume that you have known by smell for years. You might discover exactly which ingredients it is that you value so much in each perfume you that you have loved without knowing quite why. Discover aromatic items for the bath and body, or something to scent your own home, so that all aspects of your life might be fragrant.

Les Senteurs is the place to fall in love with perfume, if you haven’t already, as each visitor is taken on a personal journey of discovery to find their perfect scent. Our unique SenteurSystem is there to guide the way by grouping fragrances by type and family, identifying personal preferences to aid future selections.

Dedicated to celebrating the art of perfumery, we seek out the best scents from around the world, and line our shelves with over 350 fragrances created by the best noses in the business. From cult favourites to undiscovered gems, we are proud to have introduced so many niche perfume brands to the UK.

Every visit to Les Senteurs is an experience, an adventure, with new fragrances to encounter each time, and always a reason to return as we continue to work with like-minded creatives from the world of film, art, music and other industries to offer you inspiring events, exclusive competitions and much more.

Betty and Michael Hawksley

The History of Les Senteurs

Four decades ago when Betty and Michael Hawksley had the revolutionary idea to open a boutique so unique in its purpose and approach, little did they know that Les Senteurs would change the face of British Perfumery and become such an institution in the fragrance industry.

Today, the concept of the family owned store, which is located in the heart of Belgravia, remains the same, to curate an offering of the very best lesser known fine fragrances and scented goods, combined with expert advice and exceptional service.

Over the years, Les Senteurs has supported the launch of legendary brands such as Creed, Byredo and Diptyque. More recently, Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle, Cloon Keen, Papillon and Tauer Perfumes have all chosen Les Senteurs for the same reason.