Collection: Patchouli

Coined 'the scent of the 60s', Patchouli was very much seen as a love-it or hate-it ingredient in many fragrances. However fast forward 50 years and today's Patchouli fragrances bear little resemblance to their forerunners.

Now seen as the "umami" ingredient of the fragrance world, patchouli adds a depth and colour to their fragrant compatriots. Those delicate innocent purple spires belie their hypnotically sweet, smoky, dark, woody fragrance. Musky, sweet, and spicy Patchouli does it all - at the same time! Often added as a subtle hint or faint background sillage, the modern patchouli fragrance is sophisticated, confident and elegant.

At Les Senteurs, we have a fantastically rich selection of patchouli fragrances where, we're certain, there's something for everyone.