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The Intrigue of Incense

Incense is the fragrance released by the burning of scented woods and plant-derived gums and resins: myrrh, opoponax, frankincense, copal, benzoin, styrax, labdanum, cistus and others. Incense is a wonderfully thrilling theme in scent because this is how all perfume began. Thousands of years ago, incense was the only perfume: fragrance in the form of smoke. It was the food of the old gods; and of Buddha, Allah and Jehovah. Incense is the beginning and the culmination of perfume: the alpha and omega of fragrance. It has been known and used in most parts of the world for millennia. A magical experience: literally!

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Top 20 Layering Combinations for Autumn

Firstly, it is the practice of intensifying the effect of a perfume by applying it to the skin in different formats. Layering is practical: your perfume will last much longer and have much greater throw and sillage. 

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Why don't men wear floral fragrances?

When was it that boys were told off to avoid flowers? It's a very British thing. And relatively recent. Male Russian cosmonauts, Austrian tenors and South American footballers are bombarded with roses, carnations and orchids in their moments of triumph. And even here both sexes get sent loads of flowers when it's all too late: I mean, for the final send-off at what is now tactfully termed ”end of retirement”.

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Our Top 12 Vanilla Fragrances

Vanilla is exciting; vanilla is erotic. Like the magnolia and the rose it is a very ancient plant, a green and white flowering orchid with a fruit of precious bean pods that delight the nose and taste buds.

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Fabulous Father's Day Fragrances

No father must be forgotten on Father’s Day – and that includes grandfathers, fathers-in-law, stepfathers, foster fathers: All our father figures in fact. Honour that unique gentleman in your life with a magnificent bottle of fragrance – or maybe a perfumed accessory such as a bath & shower gel. Then again...

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Does your perfume match your personality?

Your choice of perfume is a supremely personal thing: like your home decor, your clothes and your colours it is a heightened form of self-expression. But because of the emotional and psychological effect it has on the wearer, one’s signature scent is even more intimate; more finely balanced with one’s...

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Should you train your nose?

Can you tell your roses from your rutabagas? Do you enjoy a hint of mugwort in a fragrance? Can you recognise the origin of your favourite lavender solely by smell?

For over 35 years Les Senteurs has been helping every customer to find the fragrance that fits like a glove. You don’t need to be able to recognise the ingredients in a perfume to enjoy it - in fact many people relish the mystery of unidentifiable accords. Not knowing what makes up a scent can add well to the magic of things. Therefore, should you train your nose? Read our top 12 tips on the subject.

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Finding your perfect holiday-inspired fragrance

Every good story so they say, begins with a journey and the shelves of Les Senteurs can take us around the world in eighty minutes: we even have a fragrance named Tapis Volant, a sweet-smelling magic carpet to whirl you to destinations unknown!

Have you planned a holiday yet? Somewhere warm or bracing, according to preference? If not, our perfumes may inspire you - or even prove a substitute: a vacation in a bottle!

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The Magic of Musk

Musk is one of the most famous and notorious ingredients in perfumery. It came from the Far East some 1500 years ago, via the vibrant Arabic cultures who believed that a party of houris in Paradise were composed entirely of musk. Musk took the Western world by storm and has...

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