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A New Scent for a New Year

Now this could be one of the great experiences of your life. So keep in mind that is often better to travel than to arrive. Never rush: that ends in disaster. This is not an hour's quest, nor even a day's. It can take weeks, months, years. Enjoy your odyssey and what you learn en route.

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Scents for Seasonal Celebrations...

With all the demands on your time and energy during the winter social season - not to mention Christmas - you need an essential capsule collection of colognes to see you right for any eventuality.

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The Art of Layering...

As the weather has become increasingly wintery, you may have found that the best way of preparing for the day is by layering your clothing. Layering is also a technique which can be applied to perfume, allowing you to express yourself which various different combinations.


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Scent imitates art...

I am always fascinated by the way writers and other creative artists approach perfume, odours and the sense of smell. I'm intrigued by how they celebrate the olfactory mystery, weaving it into various aspects of their creations.

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In Conversion with the Experts behind Some Exclusive Scents

On 10th October 2018 we held a wonderful Press Event which gave a rare insight into the stories behind three of our exclusive brands.

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