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Spring, a Time to Blossom

With Spring literally bursting through all around us, let James Craven take you by the hand and walk you through a riot of colour, fragrance and scent: exploring the best of what this season has to offer in his latest Blog – Spring, a time to Blossom.

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How to express your love this Valentine's Day

Love speaks every language so there’s no excuse for ignoring St Valentine when he comes a-calling this year. Say it with scent. Step back in time and it’s clear to see that fragrance and love have long been happy partners in crime.

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Is it just us or are we all learning to love January just that little bit more!

A fresh unspoiled year, full of potential and promise. Seize the good moments and enhance them with a shot of sizzling scent.

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Our 2021 Christmas Gift Guide

Just for you, here’s our ultimate Christmas 2021 Gift Guide: every personality catered for, every budget accommodated. Let us help you pick a luxurious unique gift for each and every one of your friends and loved ones.

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Introducing Les Senteurs’ first in-house Candle Collection

Go behind the scenes in our exclusive interview with Les Senteurs' Creative Director, Claire Hawksley.

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Seasonal Changes: Fragrance Transitioning

Autumn is a whole new chapter: energised by briskness, high blue skies and new horizons. Full of nostalgia but also ripe with new opportunities and choices. Here’s a chance to be really adventurous and explorative with your scents. Have yourself an olfactory treat and allow yourself to experiment with the full richness of fragrance.

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Precious Scents: Some of the Most Valuable Ingredients in Perfumery

Is your fragrance worth it? If you buy wisely, yes - worth every penny. Read on to explore the reasons why and discover some of the most costly, valuable and rare ingredients in perfumery.

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The most romantic scents at Les Senteurs

If it’s true that it is love that makes the world go round, what then empowers love? Any one of a million sparks may ignite love; but on the evidence of the animal kingdom we can see the importance of scent and the sense of smell. This is what lies at the heart of the matter. Smell is the sense that keeps life going.

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Choosing a scent to match your resolution

Happy New Year to you all! May 2021 bring you the very best of everything and see you find the heart’s desire! And now that much-dreaded question. Have you decided on your New Resolutions and if so, have you implemented them?

We thought we’d offer you a little light amusement. We took a poll around Les Senteurs as to the most frequently made resolutions and tried to find a perfume that might say a little something on each.

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