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Does your perfume match your personality?

Your choice of perfume is a supremely personal thing: like your home decor, your clothes and your colours it is a heightened form of self-expression. But because of the emotional and psychological effect it has on the wearer, one’s signature scent is even more intimate; more finely balanced with one’s...

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Should you train your nose?

Can you tell your roses from your rutabagas? Do you enjoy a hint of mugwort in a fragrance? Can you recognise the origin of your favourite lavender solely by smell?

For over 35 years Les Senteurs has been helping every customer to find the fragrance that fits like a glove. You don’t need to be able to recognise the ingredients in a perfume to enjoy it - in fact many people relish the mystery of unidentifiable accords. Not knowing what makes up a scent can add well to the magic of things. Therefore, should you train your nose? Read our top 12 tips on the subject.

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Finding your perfect holiday-inspired fragrance

Every good story so they say, begins with a journey and the shelves of Les Senteurs can take us around the world in eighty minutes: we even have a fragrance named Tapis Volant, a sweet-smelling magic carpet to whirl you to destinations unknown!

Have you planned a holiday yet? Somewhere warm or bracing, according to preference? If not, our perfumes may inspire you - or even prove a substitute: a vacation in a bottle!

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The Magic of Musk

Musk is one of the most famous and notorious ingredients in perfumery. It came from the Far East some 1500 years ago, via the vibrant Arabic cultures who believed that a party of houris in Paradise were composed entirely of musk. Musk took the Western world by storm and has...

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The 1920's: Muses of Wonderful Scents

A great perfume is a portrait of a person, a landscape or an emotion: an invisible picture painted in olfactory oils. The portrait continually shifts and shimmers like shadows on a cinema screen, or like the coloured glass in a kaleidoscope. The perception of the ingredients is constantly changing according to mood, weather, health and season - perfume is enchanting but fickle, like the Muses who have so often inspired its creation.

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The Ultimate Scented Gift Guide

Whether you'd like to share your niche perfume passion or wish to please a fragrance-obsessed loved one, we know choosing the perfect gift can seem tricky.
At Les Senteurs we can supply gifts for everyone - with a minimum of hassle to you! We can propose beautifully scented presents for all your friends and family: your treasure hunt will be transformed into a pleasure at a one-stop shopping destination.

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Are You In The Mood For Oud?

The odour of oud appeals to us because it has no equivalent in the traditional palette of Western/European perfumers. It is a unique smell, 'sui generis'. We occidentals are still exploring it, still reconciling our noses and our reactions to this exotic novelty. Here is an ingredient that our parents...

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Back to Work: Find Your Scent for the Workplace

Work! Whether we regard it as the curse of Adam or as life-affirming fulfilment our lives revolve around our work. Preparing for it; performing it; retiring from it. And, since the Les Senteurs ethic believes that fragrance is essential to life, we naturally desire to perfume ourselves impeccably for the work sphere.

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Our Top 8 Forest Fragrances

When the weather turns hot and the cruel sun is scorching, what is lovelier than the grateful shade of generous trees in full late leaf? Bring back some of the magic with a Fougere perfume from Les Senteurs. We have a unique selection to evoke your imagination and stir your emotions.

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