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Scent imitates art...

I am always fascinated by the way writers and other creative artists approach perfume, odours and the sense of smell. I'm intrigued by how they celebrate the olfactory mystery, weaving it into various aspects of their creations.

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In Conversion with the Experts behind Some Exclusive Scents

On 10th October 2018 we held a wonderful Press Event which gave a rare insight into the stories behind three of our exclusive brands.

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Scents of autumn...

Here we suggest several autumnal fragrances which can be found at Les Senteurs, which might provide some pleasant comforting aromas for the longer nights...

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Sillage: The wake of your scent…

"Sillage" in French, the word means the cleft water and foaming ripples that mark the wake of a ship. There's a clue in that, for by the English it is used almost exclusively to mean the waft of perfume left by the presence or passage of a wearer.

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Breathe Deeply - 100 scents you need to smell

Here is our riposte to all those endless 'must do's' - 100 things to see/read/eat before you die - always so popular in the Bank Holiday Newspapers.

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The Wearing of the Green

There can be no doubt of it: green scents are back – and leading the pack. Indeed, contrary to rumour, they never went away but merely sank back like fainting dryads into the groves and thickets, while more ostentatious fragrances filled the air.

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