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Does your perfume match your personality?

Your choice of perfume is a supremely personal thing: like your home decor, your clothes and your colours it is a heightened form of self-expression. But because of the emotional and psychological effect it has on the wearer, one’s signature scent is even more intimate; more finely balanced with one’s character.

A perfume becomes a vital part of yourself. It is literally your very essence, appearing to exude from your hair and pores - not sprayed on but emanating from your body. 

This is how the Ancients perceived perfume: as a Divine Being manifesting on earth through, in and as the fumes of delicious fragrance. 

We have already discussed in these blogs the process of selecting a perfume. Now let’s take a light hearted look at the way in which different types of personality tend to gravitate towards certain fragrance families. Obviously, there is a certain amount of generalisation here; but on the other hand, there is also a good deal of truth. It’s rather like horoscopes: whether we be Aries, Leo or Pisces we generally recognise many aspects of ourselves in a professional star sign character analysis. 

Needless to say, the remarks that follow do not pretend to be an infallible guide; besides, some personality traits will embrace more than one perfume type. But, judge for yourselves - and for those whom you love.

Florals - For the light-hearted sociable types.

Florals comprise the largest of perfume families: they are still the most popular style of fragrance. Floral fanciers are optimistic lovers of light and the colours of spring. They are open, sunny, warm and sociable. They have refined tastes and are often perfectionists, admiring delicacy, craftsmanship and dedication. Sensitive and modest, they usually tend to be uncomplicated and straightforward though suffering from moments of self-doubt. They love linen, cotton and fine wools. Floral lovers are often not overly involved with the paraphernalia of perfume lore: they are generally seeking a beautifully constructed classic which will be a credit to any occasion while smelling delicious. Favourite accords will typically be flowers such as magnolia, jasmine, cyclamen, iris, rose and lily of the valley.

If this sounds like you then you will love: 

New to Les Senteurs Maison Crivelli's Rose Saltifolia - Sparkling, Salty, Silky.

Or perhaps Dusita's Fleur de Lalita - Youthful, Dazzling, Tender.

Maybe treat yourself to Les Indemodables' Iris Perle - Luminous, Silky, Contemplative.

Rose Saltifolia - Lifestyle Image - Maison Crivelli - Les Senteurs

Orientals - For those full of sunshine.

Lovers of Oriental scents are the shooting stars among us. These are flamboyant, romantic, passionate, sensual folk. Highly articulate, generous, extroverted and affectionate they have an enviable appetite for the everyday drama of life and all its pleasures. They love intense brilliantly coloured silks, satin and velvets worn with exotic jewellery. In perfume they look for notes such as fragrant woods, vanilla, incense, sweet tobacco, honey and tropical flowers. It’s interesting to note how many red heads go for the oriental type. True redheads usually need to avoid florals as those scents tend to "turn" on that exquisitely fair, sometimes rather dry skin.

Are orientals the one for you? try these: 

Papillon's fabulous Bengal Rouge - Shimmering, Highly-coloured, Flaming.

Or Ex Idolo's Thirty Three perchance - Dusky, Arousing, Dramatic.

Les Indemodables' Oriental Velours could be for you - Unorthodox, Disturbing, Erotic.

New to Les Senteurs Atelier Materi Santal Blond - Warm, Woody, Smokey

Santal Blond - Lifestyle Image - Atelier Materi - Les Senteurs

Fruity - Packed with personality?

These jolly folks’ tastes may overlap to some extent with those of the Oriental-fanciers.

They are exuberant, highly sexed, sensual, playful, good-humoured, eccentric, confident and adventurous. All their senses run on full throttle and they regard perfume in a peculiarly animal, full-blooded way. Scent moves them to laughter and sometimes to tears. They are tickled by the tricks and wit of fragrances bursting with notes of cream, chocolate, apricot, plum, peach, cognac and caramel. Gourmands appeal to those who approach all life‘s natural appetites with gusto. “Greed is attractive only in one whom one loves very dearly or in oneself" wrote Monica Dickens (the great granddaughter of Charles Dickens). But how very much more attractive it is to be greedy than stingy.

Feeling fruity? Try these:

New to Les Senteurs Maison Crivelli's Citrus Batikanga - Fizzing, Colourful, Spicey.

Frederic Malle's exuberant Lipstick Rose - Dewy, Succulent, Witty.

Tauer Perfume's deliciously feminine Une Rose Vermeille - Innocent, Indulgent, Luscious.

 Citrus Batikanga - Lifestyle Image - Maison Crivelli - Les Senteurs

Chypre - Glamorous, Sophisticated, Powerful.

Wearers of Chypres are achingly sophisticated, mature, ambitious and powerful; what’s more they tend to be confident, glamorous, outspoken, exquisitely groomed and dressed. O! For the assured articulate poise of the chypre! Chypres feed the mind rather than the body. They are scents for those who study perfume history; who take fashion, scent and life seriously. Nonetheless they are still powerfully sexy types, not coldly cerebral. That goes for the wearers, too, immaculately turned out in suede, leather, cashmere and barathea.

Enticed by Chypre's charm? You will love these:

Heeley's modern Chypre 21 - Dry, Refined, Mysterious.

Caron's classic French Can Can - Witty, Extravagant, Outspoken. 

Les Indemodables' essential Chypre Azural - Unexpected, Paradoxical, Addictive.

 Chypre Azural - Lifestyle Image - Les Indemodables - Les Senteurs

Citrus - For the bright, happy optimists. 

These are scents which are generally without a strongly defined gender: consequently, they are often picked by bright and breezy cheerful optimistic people not overly keen on broadcasting sex appeal in their fragrance. A man and a woman of the citrus type may well be happy to share a communal bottle. Citrus-lovers are looking for cleanness and freshness rather than eroticism and seductive mystery. They are happy, extrovert, pragmatic people. The Hesperidics are outdoor, sporty characters who love freedom and the outdoor life; preferring a crisply laundered t-shirt to Grande tenue.  They may perhaps choose haphazardly from one of the other categories for a more substantial fragrance when the situation absolutely demands it! 

Is Citrus your style? Try these:

New to Les Senteurs Atelier Materi's Poivre Pomelo - Rare, Mysterious, Lively.

Altaia's love inspired Yu Son - Dreamy, Silky, Warm.

Heeley's energetic Note de Yuzu - Punchy, Startling,Invigorating.

 Poivre Pomelo - Lifestyle Image - Atelier Materi - Les Senteurs

Fougeres / Greens  - For the well dressed intellectuals.

The Fougere perfumes of ferns, mosses, herbs and lavender speak of an inner mystery. Fougeres are often favoured by the deep, intense, analytical intellectual type. The Fougere people are often slim, slight and dark- eyed: soberly but carefully dressed and impeccably presented. Introverted, intellectual and pensive they linger long over choosing a fragrance. Focussed and thoughtful, they do things thoroughly and methodically. Fougeres rarely appeal to the very young; but rather to those with a thoughtful experience of the world who have discarded the more flamboyant scents of their salad days. 

Fancy some Fougere? These are the ones for you: 

Lorenzo Villoresi's sensuous Spezie - Wistful, Exotic, Unusual.

Les Eaux Primoridales' romantic Moment Perpetuel - Nostalgic, Poignant, Bitter-sweet.

Les Indemodables sophisticated Fougere Emeraude - Luscious, Elegant, Abundant.

Moment Perpetuel - Lifestyle Image - Les Eaux Primordiales - Les Senteurs

Aquatics - Confident, smart, elegant.

Aquatics are a much more recent family and maybe it is because of this that their wearers are less easy to define. Maybe, too, the aquatic people have personalities which reflect qualities of water. They are clear and transparent but at the same time elusive and hard to hold, difficult to resist; alternately raging like a torrent or still and cool as a limpid pool. The aquatic-lovers prefer fragrance that’s awake and alive, crisp and clean. They have some qualities akin to the citrus types; and surprisingly can also display traits akin to the chypre tribe. Frank, confident, direct and straightforward, aquatic wearers are also smart and elegant: she who wears an aquatic in the morning may well progress to a chypre by night. Yet, like the hesperidics, water inspired scents are seldom really sexy: that’s not really the point of them. Nonetheless they do have this remote, glacial “touch me not” quality which can be intensely interesting.

Acquired a taste for aquatics? These are for you:

Heeley's breezy Sel Marin - Youthful, Reassuring, Sunny.

Creed's summery Silver Mountain Water  - Aromatic, Reviving, Cleansing.

Eau d'Italie's creamy Au Lac - Graceful, Pure, Crystalline.

Sel Marin - Lifestyle Image - Heeley - Les Senteurs

So, there you have it. Enjoy proving me wrong and do please write in with your own suggestions and comments.

As ever, thank you! Spin the Great Wheel of Destiny and Fragrance at Les Senteurs!


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