Les Senteurs Private Consultation


Fragrance is the colour of a soul, an impression that becomes one with the individual and an integral part of their being. It's the trace of yourself that you leave in the memory of others. Everyone dreams of finding "their" perfume, that one that makes them unique. 

The task of finding a new perfume is very personal, however, if you would like some guidance a private consultation may be the perfect way to discover something new.

Come and have a chat with one of our in-house experts who can guide through the various collections to find your new signature fragrance. 

Before you come, you may wish to think about… 

Which scents have you enjoyed in the past?

What mood would you like to achieve with your fragrance?

Is there an old favourite you are looking to find a new version of, or would you like to discover a new special scent?

Would you like your fragrance to be more suited to summer or winter?

Will you be wearing your fragrance more during the day or night? 

What aspect of your character would you like to show with your scent?



We can help you find a unique fragrance that reflects each of these nuanced aspects of a scent, and also allows the very best of your character to shine through with an exquisite aroma.

 Your Les Senteurs consultation can be either on the shop floor or in downstairs in our bespoke consultation suite. 

Call 0207 730 2322 or email sales@lessenteurs.com to book a private consultation.