Collection: Vanilla

Vanilla's arrival as a fragrance ingredient came into fashion just short of a century ago in the shape of Guerlain’s classic - Shalimar. Characterised by a double shot of the synthetic variant, vanillin, vanilla based perfumes originally trended towards the sweet and creamy, mimicking the success of the world's most popular flavour.

But Vanilla is so much more than cupcakes and sugariness. Vanilla is complex; versatile and sophisticated. In it's natural state vanilla is dark, earthy, smoky sweet and intoxicating. Enveloping your skin with a sensual embrace Vanilla fragrances are the ideal choice for transitioning day into night. Acknowledged by perfumers worldwide as the Queen of Orientals, Vanilla's power can transform the ordinary to the sublime. Soothing, softening, warming, explore our full range of Vanilla Fragrances.