Choosing a scent to match your resolution

Choosing a scent to match your resolution

Happy New Year to you all! May 2021 bring you the very best of everything and see you find the heart’s desire!

And now that much-dreaded question. Have you decided on your New Resolutions and if so, have you implemented them?

All too many of us find that a dark rainy January week is about as long as good intentions last: a case of Good Girl Gone Bad!

Consequently, we thought we’d offer you a little light amusement. We took a poll around Les Senteurs as to the most frequently made resolutions and tried to find a perfume that might say a little something on each.

For instance...

Detox and Dieting:

This is probably the favourite: vowing to lose those extra pounds that have crept on during December. You may well find that the fresh herbal bouquet of Jardin du Poete or the cool green salad days of Chef’s Table kill your appetite for rich calorific fare. Same goes for a crisp citrus fragrance like Note de Yuzu or Bigarade Concentree. A light sharp crisp perfume honestly can make you feel several kilos lighter. It may sound mad but there’s real truth in it - and once you feel svelte and healthy the probability is that you actually start to achieve this enviable state. 

Note de Yuzu by Heeley - Les Senteurs

New Fitness Routine:

This programme logically leads on from the above. Firm, buff and tone! Exercise every muscle in your body with a spot of swimming. You Or Someone Like You suggests memories of turquoise California swimming pools - do your full 30 lengths, mind! On the other hand, if you crave the tonic effect of saltwater take a dip in the sea with Sel Marin, Erolfa or the warmer waters of Laconia

Swimming Pool


A healthy mind in a healthy body. Learn to relax; study how to be happy when silent, immobile and alone. Beautiful scents are naturally psychotropic - lifting and echoing your mood; soothing and elevating your mental state. 

Light a Bois du Tibet candle and let the fragrant fumes guide you into the bliss of a meditative state. Learn to live on Rose Prana; inhale harmonising Hippie Rose or the nirvana of Rose Exaltante in the Gardens of India, holding yourself entirely in the stillness of the Moment Perpetuel

Sharpen your punctuality: 

Be more aware of time! Punctuality is the politeness of kings, said Louis XIV - and he knew a thing or two. Most people who are habitually late have no real concept of time: it’s an abstraction that makes no motivational impression upon them. So pick a fragrance that’s inspired by different times of day: try to understand why the scent is so named and how it evokes a certain hour. 

Awake to the Paris dawn of Petit Matin and feel the first warm rays of sun on your skin. The clocks strike Five O'Clock au Gingembre. This is the ‘blue hour’ of love and refreshment - before the golden uninhibited magnificence of Grand Soir is gradually enveloped by the black velvet curtains of The Night

Petit Matin by Maison Francis Kurkdjian - Les Senteurs

Improve your mind!

Nothing opens and broadens the mind like scents and the animal, instinctive sense of smell. Maybe you’d like to resolve upon reading one good book a month? Have a browse through the Antique Library, letting the evocative scents of this cosy fireside candle suggest such masterpieces as Portrait of a Lady, Exit the King or the Arthurian legends of Sir Gallahad. More cosmopolitan literati will remember the Thai poet Montri Umavijani whose work inspired his daughter Pissara to create the exquisite Dusita range, every perfume constructed like a fragile poem. 

Or you could better yourself by bringing out your musical abilities: ever fancied learning to play the African Wazamba? Or brush up your piano skills with a flowery Mélodie de l'Amour.

Dry January and no smoking! 

Some folks swear that using a tobacco-based scent can act as a mild and harmless substitute for a cigarette: think of the great smoky original Tabac Blond or Jasmin et Cigarette.  One is aromatic and spicy; the other a fruity-floral ashtray. Those watching their waistlines sometimes claim the same for gourmand fragrances; smell the chocolate cream - but don’t eat it. 

Jasmin et Cigarette - Etat Libre d'Orange - Les Senteurs

Therefore we would make a pretty shrewd guess that those going on the wagon for a few weeks might be greatly cheered by Vodka on the Rocks, Angels' Share, Dom Rosa - anyone for pink champagne?

Finding love in 2021

All our perfumes will help you do that!

But first you must find the right perfume!

So see you soon!

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