Aquatic fragrances are a modern sub-group which use a variety of natural and synthetic materials to suggest the sea, lakes, rivers, streams and cascades into the top and middle notes of a perfume. From shaky beginnings this has developed into a particularly eloquent style of perfumery.

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Aquatics are one of the youngest of perfume families, unknown before the 1990's. They came into fashion as a reaction against the heavy heady 'power scents' of the previous decade. Aquatics are an evocation of moisture and water in all its forms: the seven seas, rivers, pools, oceans, cascades, ice, rains, storms and sunny seaside coves. Within this magical illusion this tribe of perfumes can assume many moods: virile and even brash; humorous; refreshing and quenching; delicately romantic.

Perfume connoisseurs who remember the first aquatics will appreciate how much the genre has developed over the past 30 years. The early aquatics tended to be somewhat dry and synthetic - and over-simplistic in tone. Nowadays they are infinitely more subtle, using all kinds of accords, many of them natural, to paint pictures in water. Citrus fruits, melon, woods, salt, petrichor, herbs, spices and plant musks are all grist to the mill.

Suitable for any age and flattering to both men and women, aquatics are the perfect choice for warm spring and hot summer days. Aquatics are ideal for those who want a fragrance that is neither too insistent not too heavy. They suit a casual or sporty wardrobe; they team with pale blues and greens, white, grey, yellow and cream. They are also useful for those who intend to exchange a fairly light daytime scent for something rather more sultry for evening wear. Aquatics are also recommended for the very young and for those just setting out on life's pathway through perfumery. Comfortable, clean and tranquil an aquatic fragrance puts the wearer at ease with himself and will prove a credit to any occasion.