Think of all that the colour green suggests to you: fresh, sometimes sharp scents dominated by leafy, grassy, arboreal crisp accords. Green fragrances are brisk, energising, natural and clean.

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Green scents cross over and overlap with the Floral, Fougere, Woody and Citrus families. They are sharp, crisp essentially floral perfumes which create the illusion of grass, leaves, stems, stalks and buds. They paint pictures of fields, meadows, lawns and forest canopies. Green fragrances are a specialised taste: they brisk the wearer up and sharpen the wits. They are not languorous and relaxing but energising and challenging. Greens are clean and bright and full of confidence, easy and bracing to wear.

All perfumes follow cycles of fashion. Green scents often return to vogue at times of social and economic upheaval.

They first came to prominence in the mid-1940's, spearheaded by Balmain's legendary Vent Vert - vast fields of grass and green wheat - now alas defunct. The green wave seemed to reflect a new mood of hope, light and clean simplicity after the dark years of World War Two. We have seen a similar revival in recent years, perhaps as a reaction to economic and political crisis. Champ D'Influence is a heartlifting picture of a French pastoral scene; Green Irish Tweed is a classic evocation of new grass and clover that never dates; Corsica Furiosa is an evocation of cliff-top vegetation and shrubs, drenched with rain and sea spray.

Green perfumes sometimes use an earthy accord at the base to further the illusion of rich damp soil germinating and sprouting. Ideal for both men and women, greens are loyal friends for daytime wear in spring and summer.