Fragrances based on fragrant woods. Grainy, dry, blond and smooth or earthy, oily, dark, all suggestive of forest depths.

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If flowers were the earliest way in which primitive Man used perfume, woody fragrances were the first to be actively created through the burning of aromatic woods releasing their perfumed smoke.

Modern woody perfumes use oils of precious woods, oud, patchouli and synthetics to produce a variety of effects. 'Woody' can be a very wide term when choosing a scent and is often qualified by reference to other Families such as Green, Oriental and maybe Citrus. Woody scents may be dry and grainy; earthy or leathery; spliced with tobacco and vanilla; or mossy and in full leaf, green and oozing sap and resin. 

The Woody Family has become increasingly popular as perfume-lovers seek fragrances that are not immediately recognizable or too readily defined. This family create scents with a soft clean quality, neither too sweet nor pungent. Offering a generous choice, woody perfumes are appropriate to any occasion and suitable for either sex. Elegant yet relaxed; refined and classic; the epitome of easy to wear style.